5th Place! That is the way to kick some butt!

Update: Brakes and Drivetrain
Hello SWE Race Team and Alumni!
We are currently looking for any and all information about SWE's race involvement in Grand Prix prior to the 2007 race. If you were on the team, know who might have been on the team, have any stories, or have any team photos (from any year) we'd love to hear about from you!
Check out our history to see what we have so far!
If you have some history for us please email Leah Bashover at LBashover(at)gmail(dot)com
Congrads on a great race!
This is the best finish I have ever got with a team in my five years involved with the race. I am proud to be apart of the PSWE Race Team and to have worked with everyone. This is truely the absolutely best group I have ever been apart of.
Remember we did not just get 16 out of 33. We got 16 out of around 50 current teams competing on campus. We placed high than profesional drivers and outlasted the majority of the field even through a wreck that could have been a race ender for other teams who do not work as well together. The pit stop was amazing and showed how deep the sense of team work runs.
Thank you for a great year,

2010 Pre Race Video

Please welcome our tame racing driver. Some say she naturally faces magnetic north. She is known to sleep upside down like a bat. All we know is; she is our SWE Racing Driver!


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